About Shoham Judaica

Shoham Judaica is a factory for creating Tora cases with unparalleled excellence.
In the vibrant Land of Israel, a story of passion, skill and dedication unfolds within 
the walls of Shoham Judaica. Levi and Israel, two visionaries, brought their
dreams to life with nothing but their determined spirit and the talent of their hands.
What began as a modest venture has since blossomed into an empire of Torah
cases that captivates hearts around the world.

At the heart of this amazing business is a bustling factory, a kingdom where
masterpieces come to life every single day. Here, skilled artisans pour their
expertise into carefully designed cases for the sacred words of the Torah. Every
case is meticulously designed, everything is made and built from scratch in our
factory. A testament to the unwavering commitment to beauty, precision and
craftsmanship is awe-inspiring.

Shoham Judaica has rightly earned its esteemed position in the Torah scroll cases market. It’s presence reverberates far and wide, with many Torah scrolls finding their precious homes within Israel’s borders and around the globe.

Enter the world of Shoham Judaica, where tradition blends seamlessly with innovation. Watch the merging of ancient wisdom and modern art as generations of knowledge and dedication bring every detail to life.

Whether you wish to enrich your synagogue, educational institution or personal collection, Shoham Judaica stands ready to accompany you in your search for spiritual enlightenment. With a heritage built on passion, experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we invite you to see up close the wonders of our vast collection of Torah scroll cases.
Here at Shoham Judaica we continue to inspire, uplift and enlighten countless hearts and minds around the world. Experience the true embodiment of artistic mastery, as case after case unlocks the eternal wisdom of generations, creating a bridge between generations, cultures and souls.
Welcome to Shoham Judaica, where the creative art of Torah cases reaches new heights, capturing the very essence of holy revelation.